Paris is always a good idea...


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Wedding Blessing in Paris
"The Easy Way"

Every year couples from around the world enjoy the romance of a Paris wedding by having a civil ceremony in their own country (to meet local legal requirements) and then their symbolic dream wedding / wedding blessing set in an iconic Paris location.

Couples should consider this as their main option, as it removes all of the complications of the French legal system, 30 day residency requirement, and ensures you comply with the marriage laws in your own country. For couples wanting to renew their wedding vows there are no legal complications.

"Claire and her team arranged our venue, our wedding cars, flowers, hair, make up, photographer, even musicians to play on the day, and to say that things went flawlessly would be an understatement." - Nick, Jun 2018

Additionally speaking...

It is possible to legally marry in France, but we would not recommend it for overseas couples.

France is a secular country and you can only be legally married in a civil ceremony at the local Town Hall.

Religious ceremonies have no legal standing in France.

The French civil wedding cermony is mainly a legal affair and not considered very romantic, emotional or spiritually satisfying.

Typically, after their civil ceremonies, French couples choose to have a wedding blessing at a Church or Symbolic Ceremony in a style and location of their choice.

To legally marry in France there is also a 30 day residency requirement and very strict legal and extensive medical requirements to be met. 

All documentation needs translation into french and depending on which country you are from notarized / authenticated by a solicitor.

(You should contact you countries Embassy for precise details).

What happens if it rains? - "Plan B"

In case of rain we always have a plan B. If it's a light shower, we can wait for it to pass.

On the rare occasions where heavy rain is forecast we will change the location on the day to the beautiful arcades of the Palais Royal.

You can still capture the Eiffel Tower later on during your photo shoot.

Paris in the rain actually opens up another world. So many movies and writers mention how magical Paris is in the rain and it is true.

It’s important that you understand our ceremonies are symbolic, not legally recognised.¬† From a legal point of view you should have a legal/civil registration in your own country before having your 'real wedding' in France. Couples say how little difference it makes to the sense of occasion that the paperwork and the wedding are held separately.

We try to keep our packages affordable with the basics included. We are not traditional wedding planners but some additional services are available on request, for example hair and make-up for guests. We do not arrange receptions or dinners but will happily share with you recommendations for restaurants tried and approved by other couples.

From a photo-session expect around 120+ images.

All images are lightly re-touched .

At least one Facebook-friendly image is available on the day with a further 120+ lightly touched images available for you to download within 4 weeks.

Final photos can be downloaded via a web link.

Photos are available in high resolution.

Final photos will have no watermarks and you have full rights granted.

We reserve the right to use selected photos on our website for marketing purposes.

Further details of photographic questions Photo FAQ

If it's more than just the couple it is is possible to change your transport to a luxury minibus which will seat up to 7 in the wedding party , plus room for the driver and photographer. Contact us for further details.

We feel that writing your own vows is a very important part of your wedding ceremony and your celebrant will provide you with guidelines of the best way to compose them. Some couples like to keep them secret from each other until their wedding day.

Our ceremonies are normally conducted in English. If however you require a ceremony in French or Spanish please ask us for furher information.

Probably one of our most frequently asked questions - and the answer is NO.

Although some couples get away with a quick marriage proposal whilst security is not looking, you can not just have a casual ceremony on the Tower.

We offer ceremonies at a variety of surrounding locations that have the Eiffel Tower featuring in your photos.

Where possible your celebrant will work with you to create a unique ceremony that incorporates your requests.

We always recommend you do, however if you want to have your symbolic ceremony first in Paris, let us know and we can often make some additions to your ceremony script taking your situation in to account.

There are no legal requirements for couples who are already legally married in their own country regarding renewing their vows in Paris.

For a vow renewal ceremony / blessing at the American Church you will be required to show your marriage certificate.

(Updated 18 Mar 2019)