How to Renew
Your Wedding Vows
in Paris

If you are thinking of renewing your wedding vows in Paris, France this guide should answer most of your questions.

What is a vow renewal ?

Wedding vow renewal in Paris

A vow renewal ceremony is not a second wedding, it's a more intimate affair to reaffirm your love and celebrate your time together. It can be just the two of you or shared with a few close family and friends.

Why renew your vows?

Eiffel Tower vow renewal Package, France

Here are the main reasons that couples decide to renew their wedding vows:

- To celebrate a special anniversary
- They didn’t have their dream wedding
- To rekindle the fire after many years of marriage
- To share their love and commitment with their children present

When to renew your wedding vows?

wedding anniversary in Paris

Renewing your marriage vows is appropriate for married couples regardless of how long you have been married.

Some renew their vows every few years, whilst others save it for a special anniversary like the 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th. No matter which you choose Paris is the perfect place for your celebration.

Why renew your vows in Paris?

5 Reasons to renew your vows in Paris

The top 5 reasons why couples renew their wedding vows in Paris:

  1. Paris is the iconic city of love
  2. To celebrate your time together
  3. Amazing backdrops for photos
  4. Food / attractions / monuments
  5. Second honeymoon

Should it be a surprise?

LBGT vow renewal in Paris

A few couples do surprise their partners when they arrive in Paris by proposing to them again just before their vow renewal starts. Others leave a surprise note saying "Marry Me Again" whilst at home and then enjoy the whole process of planning the event together, thinking about their vows and anticipating their second honeymoon in Paris.

What happens in a vow renewal ceremony?

Vow renewal ceremony Paris

During a vow renewal ceremony, your celebrant welcomes you to Paris and reads a short, meaningful and romantic ceremony script which focuses on you exchanging personal vows.

Personal vows give you the opportunity to reflect on your marriage, thank your partner for their love and support and recognise everything you've accomplished together so far.

Your ceremony can also include the exchanging of rings and readings by family or close friends.

Renewal of vows Paris, champagne toast

Finally you can sign a commemorative certificate, followed by a champagne toast to your love and continued future together.

What do I wear to a vows renewal?

Notre Dame renewal of wedding vows

There is no traditional vow renewal outfit. Some women may choose a white wedding dress, others prefer a less formal style - Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Should we buy new rings?

new wedding rings for vow renewal in Paris

Some couples do exchange new rings but many couples appreciate the age and wear of their original rings and just touch wedding bands during the renewal ceremony. Others have their original band engraved with the date of the renewal or a meaningful quote to mark the occasion.

Do I need a bouquet?Paris renewal of vows flowers

The vow renewal ceremony makes you a bride and groom again, so you may choose to have a bouquet and boutonnière, but really there are no rules.

Should there be a reception meal?

Wedding vow renewal reception in Paris

There is no convention to have a reception but as Paris is full of amazing restaurants, your renewal of vows gives you a perfect excuse to splash out on a memorable and romantic meal.

What about a second honeymoon?

Second honeymoon hotel in Paris

What better reason do you need than a renewing your wedding vows to get away to Paris for a second honeymoon? Make it special and stay at least one night in a top Paris hotel.

Legalities of Renewing Your Marriage Vows

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is celebratory, allowing you to make a public statement of your love and commitment to each other. The ceremony has no legal effect and is not legally binding on those who participate.

Where to renew your vows in Paris ?

Locations to renew your vows in ParisIf you would like to find out more about where to renew your wedding vows in Paris, simply click on the ceremony locations below:

Vow Renewal Ceremony Locations:

Simple Paris Vow Renewal (Outdoor)

Vow Renewal at the Eiffel Tower (Outdoor)

Church in Paris Vow Renewal (Indoor)

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(Updated 02 May 2019)