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Are you a romantic couple dreaming of getting married in Paris, France?

Think it's too difficult or too expensive? - Think again!

Perfect Paris Wedding Packages by Claire Bay

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Here at Perfect Paris Weddings we've delighted hundreds of couples by creating amazing ceremonies full of magical memories that last a lifetime.

Our Paris elopement, small wedding and vow renewal packages are romantic, memorable and affordable and are ideal for just the couple or up to 15 guests.

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Let our dedicated team save you hours of research, overcome your language worries, and reduce the stress so you can enjoy your special day.

Just select your perfect ceremony location, outdoors at the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame or indoors at the Paris Château or American Church in Paris - we do the rest.

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Eiffel Tower Wedding in Paris, France

Paris Chateau wedding in Paris

Paris Chateau wedding in Paris

Why a Symbolic Ceremony?

Every year couples from around the world enjoy the romance and glamour of a Paris wedding by having a small civil ceremony in their own country (to meet local legal requirements) and then their symbolic dream wedding / wedding blessing set in a beautiful location in Paris with a ceremony tailored to their needs. 

Couples should consider this as their main option, as it removes all of the complications of the French legal system, 40 day residency requirements and ensures you comply with the marriage laws in your own country. For more details read our FAQ.

Vow Renewal & Commitment Ceremonies

For couples wanting a commitment ceremony or to renew their wedding vows there are no legal complications.

Amazing Paris Photo-Tour

Our ceremonies include an amazing Paris photo-tour or Eifell Tower photo session...... More photo details